6 Of The Worst Interviews Anyone Would Ever Go Through

What’s the worst part about applying to any job, school or students’ club? One word and one word only, interviews. From the weird and unexpected questions that basically have no right answers (where do you see yourself in 10 years?), to the frustration you get about whether your answers are satisfying or not. We’ve all been there before, but have you ever thought about how it would be like to be the person asking the questions instead of answering them? Ever wondered how it feels like to be the person in the chair and what interesting stuff you would see?

Interviewers meet a lot of good, bad and really weird applicants. Some of them fail miserably and sometimes people go way beyond limits. We gathered some of the most awkward things an interviewer had to go through during with people.

“One guy I was interviewing suddenly grabbed the name tag I was wearing and started asking me if I was single or not! He kept flirting until one of my colleagues came and tore his interview paper to parts.”

“One of the guys I interviewed was a Satanist. Apparently he believes that he had committed suicide 10 times and each time he’s re-birthed by Satan. He told me that the first article he would write in the magazine would be about suicide and the second article would be about the devils and how people can see and talk to them easily.”


“I was interviewing a Christian boy and he was really nice to me, but then he asked me if I was Muslim or Christian and his attitude towards me changed when I said I was Muslim. After we finished the interview I asked him why the change of heart and he told me he didn’t like talking to Muslims. I asked him why, so he told me it was because most Muslim girls are pretty while Christians are not…I couldn’t find suitable words to answer him.”

“Me and my friend were interviewing a boy and we asked him to introduce himself. He told us his name, his age, things he likes to do and he told us that he likes fat girls. When we asked him if he was making fun he said he wasn’t and then started talking about his car. We seriously weren’t able to stop laughing that day.”

“This story is actually not about me, but one of the clubs we have in college has a really bad reputation for the things they ask for in their interviews. So one of my friends was having an interview there and the interviewer asked her to get up and dance, so my friend got up, tied the jacket around her waist and gave him the impression she was really gonna do it, when she opened the bottle of juice she had and spilled it all over him. The boy was furious all day but I thought it was hilarious.”


“A girl came to me in the interview to tell me that entertainment clubs are actually ‘haram’ and she told me we should start doing some religious competitions instead. She also told me I should start wearing hijab.”

Ever had an interview that went wrong? Leave us a comment and tell us how your worst interview was like.