Things That Only Overthinkers Understand

It’s that time of the night again. You’re alone in your room, all your work for the day is done and it’s time for you to have some quality time for yourself, relax and think of nothing…it’s time for the inevitable to happen and you know you can’t stop it. You’re about, to start overthinking!

A lot of people now have this amazingly awful quality where they keep analyzing everything that has happened throughout the day, they think of the inner meanings of words and wonder if it would have been better to say this instead of that. Overthinking is weird, so below is a list of the things people who tend to overthink a lot can relate to.

  • Conspiracy Theories

So you’ve got a job or a certain task to do. The others tell you they’re not expecting much from you to do, but what if they are? What if your girlfriend who told everything was fine, wanted you to ask her again until she eventually told you what was wrong? Do your friends who keep joking around about how they hate you mean it from inside and just joke about it just so you would get the message without it being so obvious?

  • Self-Doubt

You always get this weird feeling that you and your work are not good enough and if people tell you otherwise, it’s just them being polite. You’re never quite satisfied with your work and always feel that everyone’s work is better than yours somehow.

  • Flashback

Remember that time 10 years ago when you said something really stupid in front of one of your parents or in front of your crush? Could they remember it? No… They definitely remember it! Memories of us screwing up always come back to us overthinkers, and they’re usually accompanied by the exact feelings we had when we first thought about it years ago.

  • Plans Going Wrong

You spend hours planning how you’re going to tell her you love her or how you’re going to make a special and unforgettable scene somewhere, but then it comes to your head, what if something goes wrong? When have any of my plans actually worked? What if it’s not as cool as I think it is? These thoughts eventually lead to you forgetting all about what you’ve planned for and giving up without even trying.

  • Sleeping

The worst thing about overthinking is not the bad memories or the feelings it brings you, it’s the timing. Your brain could start coming up with weird thoughts at any part of the day but no! It chooses the time you need your mind to shut down the most. Sometimes all an overthinker would wish for is a full night sleep.

  • Focus

This part I think people in school or college will relate to the most. Overthinking makes you lose focus and daydream all the time everywhere and that makes it really tough for students to concentrate in their classes or in their studying.

What if we try thinking of how to stop overthinking though? Would that cancel it or just make it worse?