Deadpool 2 Wraps Up Filming and Is Set to Hit Theatres Next June

Last Monday, Ryan Reynolds had some great news for Marvel fans as he announced via his Facebook page that filming Deadpool’s sequel has come to an end, to be released next June with the annual marathon of summery flicks.

It was in last month when the film’s news and updates started to emerge, with another Facebook post from Reynolds that featured the first appearance of the film’s antagonist Cable, who is played by Josh Brolin. Such sneak peek was warmly welcomed by the fans of the red-suited superhero, for his sarcastic and that enriched Marvel’s universe with a distinctive character that boosted the popularity of their movie series.

Josh Brolin as Cable

On the other hand, premiering the first part of Deadpool in 2016 marked a major turning point in the career of Ryan Reynolds after a series of unfortunate roles that failed to properly address his ultimate talent. In addition to that, the film’s impact wasn’t restricted to righting the wrongs of Reynolds’ choices as it became one of the highest-grossing superhero films, with plentiful critical acclaims that are hard for such productions to attain.

Trailers for the sequels aren’t out yet, but earlier this year, we were gifted a 4-minute teaser that revived the glamor of the former movie and spiced up our anticipations for next summer’s hit, which promises to be of distinguished quality.