Do We Really Want To Work Relationships?

In a generation where a hangout is never fun without a check-in on Facebook, and a good picture is defined by the number of likes on it, talking has become texting, and relationships have become a status update. Ever question if everyone around you really wants to work a relationship, or is just desperate to be in one? Why does everyone feel so obligated to be in love?

I’ve always wondered why mostly everyone around me is trying so hard to get into a relationship, to the point that they even might be forcing things that aren’t meant to happen. Girls reading the “7 Ways to Keep Him Interested” and guys trying all these tricks of “how to get the girl”. Once the relationship happens, they no longer put the effort into making it work as much as they put effort into taking a cute selfie captioned #relationshipgoals.

Not that every guy is a player, or that every girl is desperate to be in a relationship, but maybe both sides mistakenly think that a relationship is much of a completion to their social status. I never believed in those love quotes that say “A man is incomplete without his woman” or “You will find your other half”, and these kinds of quotes which degrades a person making them believe they are incomplete because they aren’t in a relationship. Because without a doubt, a man is complete without a woman, and woman is complete without a man. A relationship just happens to make them connected together, nothing else.

I’ve once read “We want anything that will give us the illusion of a relationship, without being in an actual relationship”. How many of us want the holding hands, the hangouts, the cheesy matching outfits, the Instagrammed cute pictures and all the posts that define what Relationship Goals are to us? How many of us watch a couple celebrating their anniversary and think it’s cute, but never really consider the months of work that put up to this? How many of us are only into this to have someone to hang out with, or talk with on the phone or give them the attention they need but are never really brave to label things seriously? How many of us are wishing for the “happily ever after” scenario, but never plan a future with who they are with? Are we willing to consider being in a long distance relationship, which might need a multiplied effort than a normal one? Let that sink in.

Crazy how many people try to get themselves into relationships, but when things get real, they leave. And instead of getting themselves into the thought of not trying to make things work, or not giving in so much effort, they often romanticize the idea of having commitment issues and being alone. Crazy how many people jump into the idea of “a happy relationship” or “the perfect fit”, forgetting that a relationship is nothing but two normal people, connected together with love, and this requires effort.

So somewhere between being in a relationship and working a relationship, there’s one thin line; responsibility, loyalty, and commitment. Take a moment and rethink, do we really want to work relationships?

On a side note, do not force things. If it is meant to happen, it eventually will. Being single is totally fine. Just do not make it sound cool having trust and commitment issues, because actually, they are not. And until you are ready to be in a relationship, there’s no need to look for your perfect match wherever you go. But when you find them, you just need to figure out how you need to work it. There’s always a chance to find love, but keeping it is what needs effort…