The psychology behind food explained: The science behind why we get fat

We can all agree on one thing, we all like food.

Especially (For some of us) love these greasy, high fat, and sweet food such as American Pizzas, Hamburgers, Chocolate Lava, even an ice cream cone, and of course we can’t forget Mcdonald’s French Fries.

These little things (Figuratively), give us satisfaction to the lust of the food in our human brain temporarily, to feel better.

Well, that’s correct but there are some pros and cons in this thing, let’s see,

Satisfaction. Eating food, in general, makes the human body exert some endorphins to make us a little relieved as a reward system for the human brain.

For Example, Starbucks, For me when I go to Starbucks, I can spend up to 100 EGPs and I will be satisfied, because I’m in love with the coffee, chocolate blend. Foods Activate endorphins are the same for drug addiction, that’s why I can’t stop, and I won’t stop.

Social Gatherings. Of course, I won’t mention Sham Al-Nseem and all the smelly things you all love but I want to talk about is, for instance, Weekly family gatherings.

We love to share food with our families, no, not with our brothers and sisters.

When we feel lonely, we crave for these foods to give us comfort and security. So I think there’s a connection between food, family, loneliness, or nostalgia, even if some of us went abroad alone, Ate some pricey shawarma, you’ll be sad that you’ve spent 5 British pounds on a sandwich that you buy for 20 EGPs but you were happy because you remembered the good memories with friends and family, from the family gatherings to who ordered shawarma without garlic sauce.

The dark side of the food is gaining weight, for myself I was obese and I couldn’t move at all because I loved food like I was in a relationship with it.

You don’t know when to stop. The truth is we eat to live, not we live to eat. We think that our purpose is to eat and drink, sleep, start a new day and that’s it, we think that eating food it’s just about filling the hunger. We’re also affected psychologically.

In a study where participants ate out of a soup bowl that was filled up secretly from under the table (Wansink et al., 2005). Others were served more soup in the usual way. Those eating out of the magically refilling bowl had almost twice as much soup but felt no less hungry and no more full.

The point is, your brain plays tricks on you, you need to feel satisfied yourself by your surroundings so you don’t get affected by all that when you eat food.

Being Fat isn’t good. I see some people on the social media blabbering about their body and they should be as they are, that’s wrong honey, you should have the will to lose some weight or you will get a bloody heart attack.

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to summarize this all up, You should enjoy every little thing in your life, Food, Technology, Friends, Family, anything that you find enjoyable, but too much of everything kills, except for pizza, pizza is forever.