5 Don’ts In A First Date If You Want To Score A Second Date

You finally got a first date with your crush, but that doesn’t ensure a second one!
First dates are probably the most awkward phase of any ‘potential’ relationship. So, if you really don’t want to mess it all up, read this.

1. Don’t mention your ex

You’re still getting to know the person sitting across the table, and you wouldn’t want them to have the impression that you’re still attached to your old lover. Not a smart move.

2. Don’t get too personal

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The conversation must be a bit light. Don’t go around talking about your deepest fears and insecurities, that’s definitely not the right time for it. Whether you and your date have been friends for long or you’ve just met them recently, try to keep the date as easygoing as possible.

3. Don’t get too emotional/mention the future

I get it, it’s a date and that means that you’re both interested in each other. But, that’s no excuse to get ‘too’ emotional. I would personally be creeped out if a guy told me he loves me or went on talking about our future together after being on a date for 15 minutes or so. After all, you saw how long it took Ted to fix the ‘I think I’m in love with you’ he told Robin on the first date.

4. Don’t overdress/underdress

I know that stress makes you make weird choices. You might be too concerned with being underdressed so you just overdress and vice versa. That’s why you shouldn’t keep such decision for the last minute and you should definitely ask for your friends’ opinions.

5. Don’t act like someone you’re not

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You’ll want to make a really good first impression, which might push you to exaggerate and make some stuff up for the sake of charming the other party. Well, that’s a no! It won’t be really nice when your real self shows up and it’s different from the one you drew. Word of advice, just be yourself and hope that your personalities click together.

Well, now you have a chance for a second date and who knows what’s gonna happen next! Let’s hope that Cupid acts in your favor.