Nina Kamal: More Than A Body-Paint Artist

With October being the famous month for Halloween, whether at the beginning while preparing your costumes, or at the middle whilst preparing for your Halloween Party, or even when attending Halloween celebration, it’s famous for getting into character and what would be better than painting faces, or even bodies, to blend more into the characters? In celebration of the Halloween month, there’s no better than to present our very own Egyptian talented body-painter and artist, Nina Kamal.

Nina has captured our eyes, and heart, by her painting work on her face and body to celebrate Halloween. But it doesn’t stop here, Nina doesn’t only present body-paint in the Halloween month only, she also paints to bring entertainment to the audience, and raise awareness to certain causes that are merely brought to light in our society.Halloween2017

Throughout this last summer, Nina has presented us with her 30 day challenge to showcase 30 body-paintings in 30 days. Least to say that those 30 days were a gift to her fans; we had the chance to see amazing art, and choose our favourites. There is a lot you’d definitely want painted for celebration.

One of my favourites was a collection of the four elements of life; air, earth, fire, and water.


Other 30-day challenge body-paintings were the ultimate entertainment, whether it’s something spooky, creepy, colorful and artistic, or beautifully dark.


My favourite of those was the beautiful dark queen (I personally named it a Queen).

30 day_1

Other forms of entertainment that Nina presents are cosplaying (or drawing in this case) of famous movie characters that creeped us while watching.

Her alien face-paint from the movie, Mars Attacks.

mars attacks

In addition, her amazing impersonation to an ape; Jiro, from the movie, War of Planets of The Apes (2017).

planet of the apes

Whether you’re creeped out by evil dolls or not, love the movie or not, her painting of Annabelle, from the movie Annabelle, is a one you’d definitely want for Halloween this year.


Here you can enjoy her recent body-painting depiction of Pennywise, from the famous Stephen King’s movie remake of IT (2017).


One of the most important categories, is raising awareness, that enlightens the public towards certain causes are presented by Nina Kamal, that are mostly neglected or ignored, in order to bring them to light through her body-paints.

Nina doesn’t just paint to raise awareness, but she also gives a brief description of the topic. And most importantly, she presents some of her audience’s experiences or thoughts on the subject to caption the body-paint, thus engaging the public.

She presented the female cancer patients, and how their beauty shines throughout their struggle.


Nina also addressed harassment, by showcasing through her art the physical and emotional violation that women go through. Along with that were some of the horrifying experiences people went through and shared with Nina herself.


Hypnic jerk was also a topic under discussion, presented with experiences of the public in order to elaborate how it feels like to experience it.

Hypnic jerk

Nina as well addressed another important issue that is greatly ignored by our society, depression, with a brief description of it. A lot of people shared their experiences throughout their depression, as well as how they felt during it.


There is no doubt that Nina Kamal is a talented body-painter and artist, and that she has definitely shed the light on important causes and brought them to our attention. You can follow up with Nina’s art on her page in order to see the rest of her 30-day 30-body-painting challenge and the causes she brings to light. Enjoy her art and tell us your favourite body-paints!



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