Wubba Lubba Dub Dub: The Philosophy Behind Rick and Morty-Part 2.

Continuing the trip to understand Rick and Morty that we started earlier.

The show reflects a lot about us as humans through the relation found between Rick & Jerry.

Jerry is a loser. An unemployed mediocre with an average IQ pathetic loser who has a pointless life. Yet, he’s married to an amazing smart Horse vet. In one episode where Rick and Morty were stuck in an alien simulation because they were abducted so that aliens will finally know the secret formula of the anti-matter, they kidnapped Jerry with them. He was more than happy compared to his real life in that poor simulation. In Short, Jerry is a failure.

He isn’t even the average good human being, he is too dumb to realize that his life is pointless, but his ignorance doesn’t make him overthink about the existence of this very universe, he is happy like that. Unlike Rick who is the smartest man in the galaxy, he isn’t happy because he understands that life is meaningless and he accepted it with a bitter smile.


Even Science allows us to make some sort sense of the universe through formulas and theories, Science can block emotion and look into a whole world of Logic without stopping in the middle of the road questioning existence and that’s cold, not even humane, Rick even doesn’t do that, which leaves him in a paradox where he admitted that he has no emotions for anything.
In an episode where their reality splits up and Rick takes time out avoiding his own death to explain “Mathematically” That Summer and Morty are both pieces of shite.

Rick Rationalised FEELINGS for Morty and Summer by taking his time avoiding death trying to explain something for them, that these feelings go beyond the vastness of the universe.

When Rick and Morty went to Blips and Chitz, which is an intergalactic space mall for video gamers, Morty played a Game called “Roy” where he experienced a new life from a newborn baby to an old retired married man and he died in that game, experienced more than 60 years in a few seconds and he forgot his OWN existence after he finished the game.

This very fake reality was just like Morty’s life, and Morty remembered his FAKE life, so what’s the difference? If Rick and Morty showed us that a fake life doesn’t matter from a real one, then there’s no authenticity of our own life, then it doesn’t matter if we live in a lie, our own created reality, our own fake reality, because in the end we would choose to remember it, not our own very real life.

It’s the very paradoxical and brain killing thoughts. Everything has killed everything, even logic have killed faith. And faith has killed logic in certain situations. This crisis of values, of our own meaning in life, is taken up by tons of existentialists.

We’ve Seen Rick in different situations throughout the episodes, where he uses science to demystify everything and where he uses his emotions and faith. So what in the seven hells does Rick lie his thoughts? So, I think Rick’s character lies between a kind of active and passive nihilism.

Nihilism which is defined as “the destruction of the highest values in a society.” Many people think that nihilism is just the feeling of nothingness, but he goes and divides it up into active and passive nihilism.

Rick sometimes hates everything and sometimes fights for everything, which seems paradoxical for us, but this is what makes Rick more human. He neglected the meaning of love, fought for the entire galaxy, saved his family, he made sense of our existence, made us feel what it means to be a human being.

So let’s sum it all up; Rick and Morty is a show that holds nothing as sacred. The show tells us the absurdness of our existence and tells us all the kind of nerdy jokes and making ourselves asking the same depressing questions like ‘why am I here?’ or ‘what’s the point of it all?’

The answer is,

Until this day, everything doesn’t always provide a meaning for our own existence and it can be extremely frustrating. Rick and Morty don’t suggest that our search for the answer won’t continue, it tells us that we should look around us and look for the answer that worth all the effort when the meaning of existence can be found through friends, family, and experience.

Indeed, the only thing more terrifying than not existing, or not knowing why you exist is existing and having no one to share it with.”