5 Annual Celebrations Happen In Autumn Around The World

Autumn for all of us is all about cozy weather, sepia trees and Winter’s arrival, while for some other cultures Autumn signs the beginning for some annual celebrations.

We’ve come up with 5 interesting celebrations and festivals that many people know nothing about!

1. Mid-Autumn Festival (Moon Festival):

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On the 15th day of the 8th month in the Chinese calendar, Mid-Autumn festival is held in China, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia and Hong Kong. The festival is celebrated with full moon in three different ways; gathering, thanksgiving and praying. People believe that when the moon is the brightest on this day it means family reunion; at which family and friends gather together or go harvesting crops, then; they thank for the harvest and pray for more blessings. The festival is accompanied by lighting lanterns, mooncakes and traditional games and activities. The festival is categorized as cultural heritage since 2006 due to its great importance and it has been a public holiday in China since 2008.


2. Nuit Blanche:

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Nuit Blanche Festival is an art and culture festival. It has been founded and started in France to have a night-time art festival where galleries, museums, theatres, bookshops and music venues are open until late night. People can enjoy all of these culture destinations and institutions, different performances and more activities for free.

These days, many cities celebrate Nuit Blanche festival, such as; Paris (France), Montreal/ Toronto (Canada), Rome (Italy), Madrid (Spain) and much more.


3. Masskara Festival:


Since 1980, on the fourth Sunday of October in Bacolod/ Philippines (known as the City Of Smiles), Masskara Festival is held. It is a street festival which includes so many activities; street dance competitions, food festivals, sports events, musical concerts and agriculture trade fairs.

The festival has started by the city’s artists to get over tough times and situations that has occurred during that time in the country, proving that no matter how bad things are going in a city, people still can celebrate and smile.


4. Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta :

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The largest hot air balloon festival in the world!

The festival takes place in New Mexico, every year in early October and for nine days, people gather to attend the launch of the balloons. The idea has started since 1972, as a celebration for the 50th birthday of 770 KKOB Radio, a radio station in New Mexico, in that time the celebration included 13 balloons. Each year the number of balloons have grown more till it has reached its high record of more than 1,000 balloons in the sky in year 2000. Then, in 2001 the number has been limited to 750, and then to 600 in 2009.


5. Yi Peng Festival:

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Through mid-way of November in Chiang Mai/ Thailand, Yi Peng festival -also known as Lantern Festival, is celebrated as locals believe that this time of the year the moon is at its brightest and the rivers are filled to the fullest and it’s a perfect timing to light a lantern and release it to the sky as letting go of the ills and misfortunes of the previous year and wish for blessings and good fortune for the next year.

There are plenty of celebrations and festivals all over the world that are very interesting and include multiple activities like dance shows, live music and handicrafts fairs which represent different cultures, it’s worth checking out!