8 Heart-Touching Stories That Might Make You Believe Again in True Friendship


Somewhere between all the fake faces we meet and the people we wrongly call them ‘friends’, we forget that friendship has always been, and always will be something genuinely and ultimately beautiful. Eight people shared with us heart-warming stories, which might renew your faith in true friendships.

“A friend of mine in Turkey went to Tom Odell’s concert and emailed me the whole performance of Another Love, adding ‘I put my phone away once I got inside because I wanted to enjoy the music and forget about taking pictures or videos, but I know this is your favorite song, so I couldn’t.’” –F.E, 18.

“We have been friends for 35 years. We’ve been abroad together, we supported each other, and we grew old together. I don’t know life without him.” –A.A, 62.

“I have a friend, though we don’t know each other for as long as my other best friends and we don’t see each other nearly as much. That friend had some issues and psychological problems were a serious thing there, and at one point, the friend got suicidal. Had always been suicidal but it was never really big or serious, but one day it was about to happen. I was about to lose one of the people I love most and couldn’t do a thing, the only thing I could is talk the friend out of it by texting. Thankfully, the friend retreated and no harm was done. But that moment I realized what that friend meant to me. Sometimes I think about what would have happened if that friend never put the knife down until it was full of blood. How the world would have changed. How my world would have changed..”

“I had to move to the other side of the city and switch schools. I was scared as hell I’d never be as close to my best friend after I leave. We’ve been friends for nine years now, and we only grow closer. We kicked distance in the face!” –H.A, 18.

“We were two little girls in schools daydreaming about writing novels and going places together. Later, she moved to another city, and we kept in touch every once in a while. When I first thought about starting Going Deep, I called her and told her, she was very supportive and she helped me out. We’re going now where we wanted to go, and we actually keep pushing each other. We were just two girls in orange uniforms. Look at where I am today, I needed the push.. and that’s what friendship is to me.” –A.A, 21.

“She redefined the meaning of friendship to me, she taught me to love myself, and appreciate it, but even better, she taught me how to find myself. She understands me without having to say a word, and she knows me better than I know myself. I feel blessed.” –A.A, 19.

“I was working with a few friends somewhere, until a problem happened between me and one of them. All of them stood by his side, but only one had my back and stood by my side till the very end.. That’s when I knew what real friendship is.” –A.M, 22.

“I have been going through a very tough time in my life and I’m suicidal. I don’t have that many friends, especially close friends, and I needed to ask people who have tolerated me for long what would the world miss if I were to die tomorrow. I needed to really know what difference would my absence make. Am I replaceable? Am I not? So I asked a friend, whom I’ve always thought of as cold, yes jokes around but you know, someone solid. The answer shocked me, because he said he didn’t know what to say, but he send me a picture of both of us and said ‘That’s us being silly together, imagine if it was just me in that picture, would it still be a good picture? No, it wouldn’t. Because this picture is complete with both of us in it…being silly. Just know this, I’ll never say no to you when you ask to talk about your issues. I will always be here for you, not ‘there’, here.’” –N.A, 22.

It’s not only about the fun, or the laughs. I know we can always be by ourselves, but isn’t it incredible to have some great company along the journey? To give us that push, to listen, to understand, to help, to support, and to help us grow. Isn’t this what true friendship about? 

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