Begad Man, Marwan Younis, Just Rocked The Whole Abla Fahita Show with Caro

Abla Fahita’s season premiere was full of surprises, and the best of all was #كارو_و_مارو.

Marwan Younis made an appearance with Caro Carolina, Fahita’s daughter, on El Duplex and they both took us back on a trip down the memory lane. The hilarious duo spoke about all kinds of songs and games that we liked as children and how those songs probably make no sense at all.

Just in case you were wondering how can someone be that funny, the answer was right there in front of your eyes! It’s the genes. Maro’s mom was on the phone earlier during the episode with Fahita, and well, we know how Maro got to be this funny!

We should’ve saw it coming after this post!

Younis is known for his series of begad videos that started back in 2016. He gained wide attention after his whats abouts your first oscarz video and he’s been one of the strongest names on social media platforms since then. His most recent campaign with Sheraton Hotels has been one of the most viral topics online since last September. The man never failed to surprise us, begad.

We’re so glad to see Marwan Younis making it to the telly! We truly hope that you never stop making us laugh!