Amr Zahran Successfully Designs His Own Sports Car

Amr Zahran, 28 years old, finished designing his own car after 5 years of manually working on it.

Zahran graduated from GUC university, applied arts major in 2011. It all started in 2008 when he travelled to Munich, Germany and witnessed the manufacture of BMW cars which sparked the idea in his mind. First he wanted it to be his graduation project but his professors didn’t approve then he proposed the idea to the Industrial Development Authority but he got rejected again.

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He decided to work on his own then. First he bought the car’s chassis and the motor. He then cut the vehicle’s body, molded the cast and carved it to shape the car’s chassis.

He describes his ecstatic feelings when he drove the car for the first time with his parents however, he still faces some troubles licensing the car since it’s considered model-less.

Finally he says that if he successfully got the car licensed he’d refinish it in order to exhibit it in the next Geneva International Motor Show.

Now that’s a success story worth sharing! Way to go, Amr.