New Fitness Classes That Are Worth A Try

We are finally catching up with the rest of the world when it comes to sports and fitness. We all know the benefits of working out and so we aspire to practice a sport or add a work-out routine to our lives. Numerous gyms and centers in Egypt offer a variety of sessions which are held by professional coaches. The following exercises/sports/classes have suddenly started to appear in gyms around Egypt:



Kickboxing is a stand-up sport that is based on kicking and punching. It helps to tone your upper and lower body and increases your strength.

where to find it: The Hit, CrossFit, Tamarin Centre, The Two-Twenty, Gold’s Gym.



Spinning is an indoor cycling exercise. It helps you lose a lot of calories.

where to find it: The Hit, Lagoon Club, FitPlus Gym, Planet’s Gym, Eagle Gym



Do you miss being a kid? This workout helps you stay in shape while allowing you to have fun.

where to find it: The Hit, Gold’s Gym

4) Yoga


Yoga is a great activity for relaxing your mind and increasing flexibility. A variety of stretches and breathing exercises will do the job!

where to find it: El Kal3a Art Centre, The Hit, TATA Wise Monkeys, Tamarin Center