5 Tips For A Less Stressful Semester 

It’s that time of the year! Not even one week through the semester, and we’re already stressing out. When wasn’t college stressful? Though, we have got you five tips, that can somehow help relieve stress.

1. Keep A Planner

Managing time is everything you need for a less stressful semester, which is not so easy to have. Keeping a planner will help ease your time management, by writing down your tasks, your schedule, quizzes and assignments deadline.

2. Take Notes

Of course you have been told to take notes, which is something you might underestimate now. Trust me, taking notes during lectures will help you keep up with the syllabus and professor, and you will use it in your study later.

3. Figure Out Your Best Way To Study

This is always different from one person to another. Let’s just agree you can’t study the full course the night before the test. Try to figure out your best way by knowing the best study time, place and mood. Look up for study schedules online if you can’t make one.

4. prioritize your tasks

Well, who doesn’t procrastinate? We all do! But still, you should know your priorities and sort them wisely. Knowing which task should get done first, will help you with meeting your deadlines.

5. Take time for yourself

This is important! You’ll figure out how stressful college can be. But no matter how busy you might be, you always have to take some time for yourself at the end of every day. Whether you will practice a hobby, or just watch a movie, you should always consider taking some time to relieve the stress.

Beside everything, make sure you’re following a routine that only suits you, and it can be totally different from someone else’s. Everyone is different, so are their habits. Just work hard and try your best not to take everything on your nerves. And don’t forget to enjoy college, it won’t last longer than five years!