The Destiny of Spanish Football If Catalonia wins the referendum

Clashes occurred in Catalonia on Sunday between the Catalans fighting for their independence and the Riot Police trying to seize ballot boxes at the polling stations. Our hearts and thoughts are with all the Catalans on their huge fight for peace. Throughout this fight, a lot of things will change, and that includes football! So, we’ll answer the question you guys have been asking yourselves; what will happen to the Spanish football then?!

There are so many rumors floating around regarding the cases that could happen in La Liga and The Spanish National team if the independence happened. One of the most well-known rumors Egyptians spread was that Barcelona will leave La Liga and join the French league Ligue 1. Ok, calma everyone and let me clarify the whole situation.

First, if Catalonia gained their independence Barcelona then will have the options to either stay at La Liga, make a Catalan league on their own, or join another league. The Catalan sports minister Gerard Figures said,”In the case of independence, Catalan teams in La Liga Barcelona, Espanyol and Girona will have to decide where they want to play: in the Spanish league or a neighboring country like Italy, France or the (English) Premier League.” said to SkySports.

Let’s say Barcelona leaves La Liga and joins a neighboring league. First, they’ll lose all the economic power from the Spanish league. Second, they will lose their TV rights, As Barcelona and Real Madrid gain the most. Of course, their TV rights at any other league will be less than in Spain as more rivals will appear on the field and the division will cause less money. Thirdly, Barcelona will lose the Camp Nou and will no longer have a stadium of their own, so this option is a huge loss for the club.


More downsides to the list include the possibility that if La Liga kicks Barcelona off the league (which would be impossible), then the Spanish national team will be deprived of joining the World Cup adding to losing all the tourism power Spain gets from the Camp Nou.

The Second option is if Catalonia decided to kick-start a Catalan league on their own alongside Espanyol and other 6 teams in the state. Catalonia can be owning an economy larger than that of Portugal but with the club added to the list, they will need a lot of money that they cannot afford and we might end up by hearing the footsteps of all the stars like Messi and Suarez leaving the club.


Therefore, the best and the third option is; as we say “Nehda b2a w nesaly 3alnaby” Barcelona stays in La Liga. They will still gain their economic power from Tebas and the Spanish League will have their own stadium with the TV rights still under control. Is this an option? Yes, it is, Monaco and Wales (Swansea) are independent states and they play normally with Ligue 1 and the Premier League. So yes, political issues can stay aside and football can remain as it is.

At the end of the day, we all wish for Spain and Catalonia to find peace in all their decisions and to never deprive us of watching the best football in the world, por favor.