Crossing The Atlantic: Team O2 Are Almost Ready

Looks like both adventurers and athletes Omar Samra and Omar Nour are up for any adventure. This time, the two Egyptians teamed up to set their new goal to cross The Atlantic Ocean rowing, unsupported with equipment, for 5000 Kilometers, 50-foot waves, massive storms, isolation and lack of sleep.

Team O2 are set to leave the safety of the harbor on December 12, and row for more than 30 days in the vast ocean. The world record is 40 days, 4 hours and 3 minutes. Hopefully, the two Omars will be able to break the record.


The pair have been row-training for more than five months, and they have set a challenge two days ago to row for two full days. The event was held in Cross Fit Engine 38 Gym, at Sheikh Zayed City.

Other than Samra being the first Egyptian to ever reach summit Everest, the pair are the first Arab athletes to be up for such an adventure with waves as high as buildings, whales and sharks around them in complete isolation, with no assist. Our hopes are high that the team will have some luck, and will be 100% physically and mentally ready for the big event in September. We’re proud of their previous accomplishments, bravery and adventurous set of minds anyway!