5 Books Coming Out This Month That You Don’t Want To Miss!

Good news for bookworms everywhere! There’s a great number of books getting released this month, October 2017, and it includes different categories and a big variety of authors.

We’ve prepared a list of five of the most interesting books coming out this month.

  1. Turtles All The Way Down- John Green (young adult):

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After five years since The Fault In Our Stars, John Green finally releases a new solo novel. Turtles All The Way Down ‘s main character, Aza Holmes -a girl who suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder, follow and search for a fugitive billionaire named Russell Pickett. Green has mentioned that although the story is fictional, the mental illness is kind of personal, as it has affected his life since his childhood. The novel is expected to be published by the 10th of October.


2. Without Merit- Colleen Hoover (contemporary/ young adult):

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Not every mistake deserves a consequence. Sometimes the only thing it deserves is forgiveness.”

Colleen Hoover, author of Confess and It Ends With Us, has written a new novel about an upnormal family, The Voss Family. Among the family members; a mother who has suffered from cancer before, a father who’s married to the mother’s former nurse, a little half-brother and elder perfect siblings, and Merit, all live in a new baptized church. Merit meets Sagan while searching a local antiques shop for some trophies, something she does oftenly, and since then she never sees her family like before. The novel is expected to be published by the 3rd of October.


3. Manhattan Beach- Jennifer Egan (Historical)

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The novel starts during the Great Depression, the worst worldwide economic depression which lasted from 1929 to 1939, where Anna -a twelve years old girl, visits the house of the man who is crucial to the survival of her family with her father, in Brooklyn. After some years, the country is at war, and Anna’s father disappears, and she finds herself working at the Brooklyn navy yard and becomes the first female diver to repair the ships America will use to win the war. Anna lives with and looks after her mother and disabled sister, and eventually she finds out about her father’s complex life. Egan explores in her first historical novel the lives of women who does men’s jobs, the transformative moments in men’s lives and the clash of classes in New York. The novel is expected to be published by the 3rd of October.


4. The Sun And Her Flowers- Rupi Kaur (Poetry):

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After Rupi’s poetry collection, Milk And Honey, glamorous success, Kaur is ready with a new one, The Sun And Her Flowers. The book is divided into 5 chapters, all illustrated by Kaur, presents a journey of growth, healing and love. The collection is expected to be published by the 3rd of October.


5. That Inevitable Victorian Thing- E.K. Johnston (Science Fiction):

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The novel takes place in the near future, where Victoria Margaret-the british empire princess and Queen Victoria I descendant is about to get married, but first she has to spend the summer incognito. In Toronto she meets Helena Marcus and August Callaghan, and the spend the summer between high society balls, tea parties and romantic dances. They find out that they share an unusual bond that they can use to change the world, like the first queen Victoria. The book is expected to be published by the 3rd of October.

Now you know which books to buy this month. Oh and, brace yourselves bookworms, empty wallets are coming.

PS: The dates announced are the releasing dates in the US, too bad we’ll have to wait a little longer.