12 Reasons Why We Love Mrs Hudson

If you have watched BBC Sherlock, then you must know Mrs. Hudson. Not only that, you must loved that lady lots. If we could count the times Mrs. Hudson was a badass, we would never be finished. But here are some of the reasons why we love Mrs. Hudson:

  1. She is the landlady


Mrs. Hudson always knows her place, she would always remind Sherlock of that. And you ought to never underestimate her or mistaken her for a housekeeper.

2. She always makes tea


Even though Mrs. Hudson will always say she is not the housekeeper, she is always kind enough to make Sherlock some tea.

3. She is wise


Sherlock is the brains in the series, but Mrs. Hudson is that wise voice. When Sherlock couldn’t digest how John’s marriage will change everything, she shone upon him with words of wisdom.

“Marriage changes you as a person in ways you can’t imagine.”

4. She’s blunt

4 (2)

No matter how harsh her opinion may seem, Mrs. Hudson always throws it out. You gotta love some honesty.

5. She has a life motto


As many life mottos serve a sole purpose of comforting its thinker, Mrs. Hudson’s motto is simply let others be. So she actually doesn’t care about anyone’s preferences as long as they don’t harm.

6. She is Sherlock’s second mother


Although some might argue, Mrs. Hudson has been like a second mother to Sherlock who cares for him.

7. She knows Sherlock well

Mrs Hudson

Mrs. Hudson has been close to Sherlock that she actually knows a lot about him, she knows his habits, when’s he’s thinking; frustrated; or even delighted. Most important of all, she knows what cheers him up.

8. She knows how to punish Sherlock


Again, her being like a second mother to Sherlock, Mrs. Hudson how to deal with Sherlock when he’s being annoying.

9. She stood up against Sherlock

Mrs Hudson - Sherlock

With all of Sherlock’s brains, she knew how to stand up against him to restrain him from applying more damage to himself when he was at rock bottom. She took action against the most clever man in England even though she is just his old landlady.

10. She stood up against Mycroft

Mrs Hudson - Sherlock

She didn’t care that Mycroft was the most powerful man in England, or him being -technically- the British government, when it came to one of the people she cared about dearly she stood up for him.

11. She drifts

Mrs Hudson - Sherlock

Mrs. Hudson is not your average landlady, she has a badass car, and drifts while blasting Beethoven AND talking on the phone.

12. She listens to Iron Maiden

Mrs Hudson - Sherlock

She vacuums while listening to Iron Maiden, do you really need any other reason?


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