5 Makeup & Beauty Blogs You Need In Your Life.

In a world where trends change one after the other, where some trends just don’t make sense and others are hard to follow, some blogs are just perfect saviors. We have five of the best beauty blogs out there, to entertain, teach and help you survive the trend-tsunami. Plus, you know, have some fun.

  • I Covet Thee
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    The writer of this blog is called Alix, a self-professed makeup and cosmetic obsessive that shares everything fashion and beauty related. The blog is about style, makeup, food and travel. You can also see the items she wears in her Shop section, where you’ll find links to buy them. Alix is one of the best bloggers out there; a cute, charming girl with an amazing life you’d want to see.


  • The Beauty Look Book
    The Beauty Look Book
    “This blog is dedicated to reviewing mid to high-end luxury beauty products including cosmetics, fragrances, home scents, skin care and body care with some lifestyle elements mixed in.” This blogger started her blog back in 2009 while completing her MBA in finance and marketing. You’ll find plenty of reviews on products, swatches and her thoughts on things she tested.


  • Cult of Pretty
    Self Care Soak Main.jpg
    It’s one of the best blogs out there. An expert in beauty, Ann Colville Somma will definitely inspire you to try trends you haven’t before, and keep you posted about the new-ish updates in the fashion and beauty world. It’s so easy to spend hours browsing this one without wanting to leave.


  • Rouge 18
    Rouge 18 Amber Katz is a unique blogger with an incredible laugh-out-loud sense of humor. She shares tips, reviews, personal opinions and presents a wide selection of beauty trends and posts you’ll likely want to follow. Katz also has up-to-minute updates about celebrity news.


  • Couture Girl
    Couture Girl
    A gorgeous Journalism graduate, stunning photography and envious shopping hauls. Keyleigh is your next role model. She offers honest product reviews, tips and brilliant outfit -put-together’s that will make you sigh dreamily. She started her blog back in 2011 and has been a favorite since then. So pick up your notebook and start browsing!


There are dozens of spectacular blogs out there, but these have been among the top picks for many years ago and many to come. Tell us about your favorite blog; is it already listed?