4 Reasons Why We Prefer Winter Over Any Other Season


So winter is coming for all of us along with the crippling loneliness but here are your reminders why it’s still better than any other season. 

1- Perfect weather for long walks:

Chilly weather, rain and falling leaves? Perfect for a morning stroll on our way to college/work with your hot coffee mug to warm your cold insides.

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2- Weekends in beds with your hot chocolate:

Your blanket(s), your hot chocolate mug, your laptop and your laklook vs. the world. Your laptop’s warmth will make it up for the empty space in your bed. Also you never run out of series or movies; last winter Doctor Strange, X-Men, Ice Age and Sherlock were released and this winter Thor:Ragnarok, Black Panther will be there. Or you know, just rewatch Friends for the tenth time straight.

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3-Winter outfits

Well first, it’s the dark lipstick and nail-polish season. Second, there’s that universal rule that people just silently agreed on: “Winter outfits are just better than summer’s.” ok, I am a bit (a lot) biased but come on, over-sized hoodies, soft furry jackets, beanies, scarves and boots? That’s heavenly.

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4- Christmas season and new year!

Decorating Christmas trees and celebrating New year cuddling with your loved ones (pets) are definitely worth loving winter.

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