8 Folks Share With Us How They See a World With No Coffee and It’s Terribly Scary!

Some people perceive coffee as the elixir of life. The productivity of their day and their mood mainly rely on how good was their morning cup of coffee. The grumpy face you see pre-coffee would totally be gone by the second it hits their systems. Some people even go to sleep relieved because they know that there’s a good cup of coffee waiting for them next morning. Whether you’re a coffee drinker or not, I bet you believe that the world would be a horrible place without it. That’s why we asked people to imagine a world with no coffee, and the answers are terribly scary!

“I guess the streets would be filled with zombies every morning. Nobody would even have enough energy to open their eyes.” – Marwan Omar

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“A world without coffee is not a world tbh I can think of all badly done things and awful mornings without it. I can’t even imagine!” – Yomna Bayoumi

“I don’t think I can imagine this world. You’re asking a guy who spends half his life in Starbucks.” – Ahmed Sheta


“Well, I had to live without coffee because of heart condition so a world without coffee would be dull. I mean, coffee is bitter but a world without it, without that extra enjoyable bitterness, is just a land of zombies.” – Nehal Ali

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“So, I’m more of a shay bel laban person, but coffee is something I treat myself with.
For instance, I can’t watch the god father without having coffee. That’s coffee for me, it’s something essential that no one can live with out, can you get it?” – Ingy Ali

“That would be hell and I can almost see mass suicide and genocides. There would be no cure to headaches and no one would attend 8 am lectures. OMG that’s a bad idea!” – Fadwa Yossif

“I would die in that world” – Fayrouz Ebeid


“I’m not a coffee addict but I believe that it would be a totally different world. Some countries actually rely on coffee trade, so their monetary income would crazily go down and millions of people would lose their jobs. Everyone would be having headaches and insomnia. Tea and other herbs would take over. AND THERE WOULD BE NO STARBUCKS OR COSTA!” – Mohanad Ibrahim

Well, I’m really glad that I live in a world where coffee exists.



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