8 Instagram Accounts That You Need To Follow If You Don’t Want To Have a Bad Meal in Your Life

Credits: Cairo Spots

Life is full of disappointments, however, some disappointments are worse than others. And out of all the things that can go wrong in the world, nothing will ever be worse than spending a fortune on an awful meal. And there’s definitely nothing better than being able to cook yourself a meal that tops any restaurant without having to spend much money.
This is why food bloggers are superheroes one way or another, if you know who to follow!
And this is where I come to the rescue, listed below some of the best food bloggers in Egypt; those guys share real experiences and recipes, I trust them with my stomach’s happiness and this is huge!

1. Food With Soli – Ramy Soli

An architect who knows how to develop recipes and write about food in a way that would make you drool.

2. Eat With Moe

His stuffed crust homemade chicken pizza doesn’t look homemade. I mean, if he can do this at home, then I totally trust anything he has to say about food.

3. The Food Review – Passant El Molla

One of my personal favorites. This dentist is so passionate about food and her reviews are always on point. I tried a couple of her recipes myself and I can assure you that those are calories you won’t regret.

4. The Hungry Giraffe Eats – Loai Emad

This one is an expert when it comes to finding the hidden gems, I bet you’ll gain a few pounds just by taking a look at the pictures.

5. Foodista Egypt – The “A” Trio (Aya-Alaa-Aly)

Those guys are not afraid to tell when their most favorite restaurant messes up big time, which is why their opinion is trust worthy.

6. Omar’s Food

Omar understands that good breakfast can prevent many catastrophes from occurrence, which is why he gives you the easiest and most appealing breakfast recipes you’d ever see. His breakfast pizza proves it.

7. Cairo Munch

Specialized in showing you all the good and the bad in Cairo. No matter what you’re craving, their Instagram account has documented the best place that does it.

8. Cairo Spots

Not entirely specialized in food, Cairo Spots spot everything hot in Cairo. When they tell you that this place makes good pizza you gotta believe them. Those guys are experts when it comes to recommendations.

Now I can guarantee that every calorie that gets in your body and every extra pound you gain after this article is gonna be worth it. JK, hit the gym guys and you’ll be fine.