Saudi Arabia Finally Lifts The Ban On Women Driving

This must be one of the historical big days for ladies in KSA. The ban on women driving is finally lifted off!
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is making quite some changes that caused a fuss everywhere and we’re sure that they will astonish you.

King Salman issued a decree, starting from the 24th of June 2018, that allows women in the KSA to have a license to drive.

There have been campaigns for years now that demanded a right for women to get behind the wheels. However, until yesterday, men were the only ones allowed to drive and if women would try and drive, they’d get in trouble for it and maybe even imprisoned.
Women owning private businesses can now move freely without a private driver or having a relative accompany them and they are definitely happy about it.

This change came in the hopes of changing the country’s oppressive image. The move will have positive reflections on the Saudi economy and it will make the lives of working women much easier, which is why it was welcomed by the US and is thought of as a step in the right direction.

It’s expected that the number of working women in Saudi Arabia will now increase after they’re finally allowed to get to feel the independence of getting anywhere on their own.

Even though this is a big step for Saudi ladies, their fight is far from over. According to the BBC, they still have to stick the strict dress code. Women cannot be seen anywhere with unrelated men, and they must be accompanied by a male guardian or have a written permission in order to travel, work or even access healthcare.

The decision came late, but, better late than never. We hope to hear that all women in the Arab world get their rights sooner than later.