October starts next week, so does INKTOBER!

Drawing by Jake Parker

Through lots of things happening this week, there’re some people preparing their pens, brushes and markers and they may buy a new sketchbook for a very special occasion starts next week; INKTOBER!

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-25 at 1.14.51 AM

Finally, it is that time of the year again. October month marks the appearance of Autumn leaves, the preparations for Halloween parties and most importantly for artists, Inktober challenge.

Eight years ago, an Illustrator called Jake Parker has created a challenge to improve his inking and drawing skills, and since then artists all over the world take on the challenge and it has become a kind of motivation to draw and sketch more than usual; you have to do an ink drawing each day throughout the whole month, but anyways you can join whenever you like and it’s okay if you skip days; as Inktober is all about drawing and improving your drawing habits.

So, for all the sketching artists, doodling artists, calligraphers, caricature artists, comic artists,..etc; here are the rules:

  1. Make an ink drawing
  2. Post it online
  3. Add the hashtags #INKTOBER and #INKTOBER2017
  4. Repeat!

Make Inktober a chance to express yourself and your art continuously for 31 days that come only once a year, share the drawings you like which are not yours, get to know people who have the same great passion you hold towards art.

You can find everything about Inktober initiative plus an archive of all Jake Parker’s Inktober drawings since 2009 here.

We wish you an artsy month!