On Instagram Obsession and Looking For The Perfect Picture

You are scrolling down your Instagram and you see this:

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or this:

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How do you feel?

Your first reaction might be “Wow that’s crazy. They’re so lucky” or you might think “Ugh I wish I could take such good photos?”

The evolution of social media has made us question our whole lives. We obsess over pictures. What is Instagram worthy and what isn’t? We order a meal at a fancy restaurant with our loved ones and when the meal arrives, you’ll find us pulling our phones out and snapping photos non-stop. We get completely isolated from our surroundings as we think of the perfect filter. The perfect caption. The perfect hashtag.

I attended a yoga class last week with a new instructor who could not get her hands off her phone. As we stretched, she moved around to take boomerangs. She bent down next to us in the weirdest positions to take pictures – even fixing our poses for the sake of Instagram. I do not even remember her showing us breathing exercises in the entire 1 hour and a half class. Her Instagram account, as you can imagine, is filled with photos of her “students” captioned with things like “my favorite yogis”.

Do not get me wrong, I understand that some people upload pictures as a way of catching up with their friends and family. Who could have imagined that one day your aunt in Australia could see what you are up to right now? Or you could know what your high school friends are doing with their lives? It is no doubt that social media has brought people together.

The topic of the selfie is a whole other story for another time. However, I must say that posting too many selfies can get intimidating for your followers (this is something I am guilty of). But I can not deny the fact that selfies help me feel better about myself. On days when I have just dressed up and got my make up done, it feels very heartening to snap a couple of pictures. It is also such a nice reminder to look back to on days when I don’t feel like my best self.

Instagram can be perceived as a different platform to many people. Some consider it as an achievement blog to help them stay motivated where they post pictures of their body transformations for example while others tend to post pictures of themselves and events they have been to. As long as people do not obsess over the ‘perfect’ picture then I believe it is totally healthy to post as much as you like.