3 Upcoming Events Every Handicarfts Lover Should Attend

Continuing the search we started last week for the best events in town, we went deeper into the world of arts and handcrafts and if you’re a fan of these things, you’re gonna love what we got you!

  1. Zoorkhana’s 2nd open day:

zoorkhana 1
Zoorkhana is a workspace/ art space and art gallery located in Zamalik, a project by one of the NGOs called ElWarsha which does charity work through art. The place is so artsy and has a unique style which makes you feel nostalgic; every corner presents something from the good old days.

Zoorkhana has organized their second event for handmade stuff which starts on the 13th of october and will last for two days. What would be better than having your morning coffee in a walk around Zamalik and attending such an artsy open day? You can find there different products like accessories, crochet products, notebooks, leather products and decoupage products. Also, Zoorkhana welcomes brands and handicrafters to participate in the open day.

You can find the event Here.

2. Azraq W Bunny September bazaar:

Azraq W Bunny is a Handicraft project started online since 2012, working on designs and produces handicraft paper work and clay necklaces.In October 2016 we had our own place in Dokki, and we started supporting all handicraft artists in Egypt, and this opened a lot of opportunities for a lot of Egyptian artists to present their art and to be known. Every 3 months we announce an open call Bazaar for all the handicraft artists to participate with no fees. Azraq W Bunny is an artistic gallery which has a lot of unique artistic pieces. Not only that, we offer artistic workshops as well.” said Azraq W Bunny’s team.


Azraq W Bunny gallery invites you to visit their September bazaar, you’ll find a huge variety of handmade products which are so unique and professional; leather products, fabric products, wooden lighting units, recycling artworks, handmade notebooks,  embroidered fabric bags, ceramic necklaces, painted key chains or accessories and much more… all of their own production plus more than another 30 handicraft brands that you can choose from.


The bazaar starts on 28th of September and continues for 4 days.

For more information check the event Here.

3.Cairo Flea Market:


Cairo Flea Market is the place where you can sell and buy handmade and secondhand products. The market is back on 30th of September at Aquarium Grotto (Fish Garden), Zamalik. The products are so various; you can find there clothes, home accessories, furniture, antiques and much more. Don’t lose the chance to pay a visit to the first market in CFM new season.

You can find more Here.