Simple Sushi Guide For First Timers

We’ve all been in a situation where we were curious to try some new cuisine or food but afraid we might not like it. The most known example of this situation is trying sushi, some think that sushi is just raw fish served on top of rice. Well, I’m going to correct that image in this article with a simple guide for people who are trying sushi for the very first time.

First things first, upon going to try sushi for the first time you have to pick the right companion, you either grab a sushi fanatic or addict or someone who’s trying it for the first time as well. If you’re going to try it alone, it’s not going to be a problem either.

About picking the right place to try out sushi, having a companion as a sushi lover wouldn’t be an issue with you. As for the ones who will be going alone or with friends who are trying too, you might want to try it at Mori Sushi or One Oak, I personally recommend the latter if you’re looking for value and quality.

For the most important step; picking what to try. If you want to try multiple pieces and you’re up for it, you can visit One Oak on Mondays and Wednesdays for their Sushi Madness offer and choose 24 pieces of sushi from the offer.

Crack your knuckles, focus, and write down the following. You can order Philadelphia Rolls; it’s basically salmon slices, cucumber, Philadelphia cheese, smoked salmon, seaweed and rice rolled altogether. This roll will simply burst flavors into your mouth and change your thoughts about sushi.

images (1)

Up next, you should order Shrimp Tempura Roll. I, myself, am not that fan of shrimp and never tried it in sushi but once I tried this roll, I felt like eating a dozen more!

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I would also recommend you to try out Nagiri sushi. For those of you don’t know, Nagiri is the simplest form and authentic Japanese type of sushi; formed of rice and slice of fish – or any sea creature. You could order Crab Sticks Nagiri, it’s simple and has this sweet taste of crab meat. If you’d like to try the authentic Japanese sushi, you ought to order Salmon or Tuna Nagiri. While eating your Tuna Nagiri, just add a drop of soy sauce on your Tuna meat.

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Another suggestion would be to order Tuna and/or Salmon Rolls; this is also a simple form of authentic Sushi; Tuna or Salmon meat rolled with rice inside of seaweed. Let’s break a barrier here, seaweed is not disgusting to eat as people may suggest, it’s actually the total opposite.



And this finishes our simple Sushi guide for first timers, I hope you fall in love with Sushi after following our guide and crave it even more.


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