This Is Egypt Campaign Received an International Award for Its Tourism Promo Video

Almost two years have passed since the launching of the #ThisisEgypt campaign to promote tourism on social media platforms. The then-Minister of Tourism Hisham Zaazou launched this campaign with a purpose to popularize tourism on social media platforms through the individual contributions and participation of people sharing pictures of their personal travel experience. Contributions included images of touristic spots in Egypt along with positive feedback on the beauty of the Red Sea, the Western Desert, the Nile Valley and the rest of amazing Egyptian districts, and much more.

Last weekend, the hugely acclaimed This is Egypt campaign was awarded the title of Best Tourism Promotional Video in the Middle East at the World Tourism Organization’s 22nd General Assembly in Chengdu, China.

The promotional video shows lots of enchanting and enthralling attractions and landmarks in Egypt from its head to toe in roughly less than a minute and 30 seconds. The footage ranges from on-the-land, marine, nightlife, and cultural activities held in different places across the country.


The current ministry of tourism, Yehia Rashed, has accepted the prize humbly and mentioned that the support given by the UNWTO was phenomenal and acted as a catalyst in the movement of this campaign. It’s worth mentioning that the minister also had a roleplay in making this campaign go international as it was displayed in billboards in different cities of the world including London.

The hashtag relies on individuals, particularly influential youth with large following on social media, posting pictures of their personal travel experiences as aforementioned. The ministry entrusted their well-known marketing communications brand and lauded agency J. Walter Thompson (JWT) to run the campaign.

For more enduring vistas and breathtaking landscapes and places to visit in Egypt, check This is Egypt’s official website or check their YouTube channel: They are full of hidden gems.