Romans Come Back to Alexandria in This Stunning Photo shoot

Back in May, Henar Sherif and Adel Essam from O Art-Studio broke the internet when they decided to break down beauty standards in Project No Color and less than 4 months later, they came back with a new and ultimately beautiful project!

The idea of Mahinour Kandil to open a time gate and bring Romans back to the Alexandrian streets came to life with the photography and art direction of Adel Essam and Henar Sherif alongside with the fashion designer Ahmed Abdullah.

“Once upon a time, a land was a portal of time between two worlds. Alexandria, the land of the Romans, the city of God.”

The photo shoot came out as beautiful as it can be; the casting was on point, costumes and accessories were perfect, and the beauty of the shots taken and their edits all contributed to bringing out this masterpiece.

We truly hope that it doesn’t take them another 5 months to show us another one of their beautiful artworks.