Pancake Your Sadness Away: 7 Pancake Recipes That You Definitely Need in Your Life

Who doesn’t love pancakes? I mean you can eat it as breakfast, dinner, or even indulge yourself with it as a dessert!

It’s fluffy, tasty, and you can make it with plenty of different recipes that all taste so good!
So here are some recipes that you’ll definitely drool over!

1) Banana Oatmeal Blender Pancakes:


Looking for a healthier version of pancakes? this recipe is for you.
2) Blueberry Pancakes


The Blueberry Pnacakes of your dreams! We got you the recipe because dreams do come true.

3) Peanut butter Pancakes


Peanut butter and pancakes? It couldn’t have been better. (You can smash a banana with this mix, and add some chocolate sauce, because why not?) Follow this link fo the recipe.

4) Ricotta Cheese Pancakes


This one, is a MUST try! Checkout the recipe here and thank me later.

5) 2-ingredient Banana Pancake


In a hurry but craving something tasty? Try this super-easy Pancake recipe. Kids love it!

P.S: Drizzle over maple syrup, peanut butter or add some fruits.
6) Chocolate Pancakes


Ohh, so lovely! The classic pancakes but with chocolate to prove that perfection exists. Check the recipe now.

7) Nutella Stuffed Pancakes


There are few things in life that makes us over the moon, this recipe is one of them!

Now your mornings will be less grumpy; you might even start to love mornings because of these pancakes.