University Students Start the New School Year With a New Tradition: Saluting the Flag!

Up until recently, we’d heard rumors about this new decision the minister of higher education ratified. The idea of saluting the flag for university students hadn’t been met with conviction – no one saw it coming! But as of Saturday, saluting the flag became an official tradition in universities.

Amidst the suspicion of the people, the minister of Higher Education led the first flag salute in Ain Shams University with the presence of many professors, workers and students. They saluted the flag and together sang the National Anthem to the drum roll. A sight we don’t see every day, not in college life, anyway.

And the Ministry of Higher Education issued a statement to the media, praising the minister’s decision and giving a brief explanation of the validity of the newest tradition.

“The salute to the Egyptian national flag will be only on the first day of the educational year. It [the decision] comes as part of the Higher Education Ministry’s efforts to enhance patriotic values, that aim to establish national affiliation to the country.”

Zaqazeq and Mansoura Universities also participated in the celebration of a new school year by doing the same. Saluting the flag and the National Anthem alighted the mornings in these campuses. Not your usual first day of school…