It’s not just about Soccer!

If you’re an underdog sports athlete in Egypt, Well you’re not the only one.

Mainly, Egyptians focus on soccer which is the only mainstream sport worldwide.


Al-Ahly vs Al-Zamalek 9th of Feb 2017.

Before we get to know what are the kind of sports that are underestimated in Egypt, we have to know why Soccer is the mainstream sport.

Every year, billions of people across the globe tune in to watch the UEFA Champions League, or for example here in Egypt; The Egyptian premier league. where they watch soccer games, yet the number who tune-in to watch the female equivalent is minuscule or even watch a Taekwondo game are very far less.

A Research published in the journal Human Movement Science analyzed 54 people observed them during the UEFA Champions League. It is the first study to focus on high-intensity running in football for both men and women.

They found that during the course of a typical UEFA Champions League match, the male percentage of the audience were more focused than the female percentage. The research also showed the female side did not focus on the matches as much as the male side.

The Researched focused only on the Gender, Told us why this sport is the only mainstream sport worldwide, due to a “Gender” taste.

Now we know why Soccer is so popular, but we need to get these people heard also, they deserve to be known;

 Egyptian Federation of American football

HellHounds vs Tigers

I mean come on, who wanted to play this sport when we were young and watching Hollywood movies and how much we wanted to see the protagonist score and lead his team to the win, feel the adrenaline and happiness were in the air!  and it was kinda cool; this game.

Started at the End of 2006,  progressed to 4 different teams being sponsored by Wadi Degla Sporting Clubs in 2010 and now has evolved to EFAF (Egyptian Federation of American Football).

EFAF was established mid-2014 with 8 to 10 different teams throughout Cairo. Egyptian Football’s true start was on May 8, 2014, when the International Federation of American Football (IFAF) recognized football in Egypt by the attendance of the Vice Chair of IFAF Asia of the first fully equipped match in Egypt between The GUC Eagles and the Cairo Sharks.

This visit was to establish the fact that Egypt will be an officially accepted member of the IFAF which in turn would mean that the national team that is to be chosen will granted international status and the ability to compete in international events.

The known team members of the Federation are:

  • The Cairo Wolves.
  • The GUC Eagles.
  • The Cairo Hellhounds.
  • The MSA Tigers.
  • The AUC Titan.
  • The Cairo Bears.

Most of these teams play without any sponsors, or any financial resources or any media support. It’s very hard and challenging for them but they work with whatever they have. They try their best to win their matches, to train hard, and aim to be part of this game. Every team wants to put their everything on the line just for the big title.

Also, we need to give attention to Squash!

Actually, for myself, when I was young I thought this game was like tennis but in close quarters. I was so damn wrong.


What you don’t know is, recently, Egypt dominates more than 50% of the top 10 rankings in Squash; both Men and Women!

For those who don’t know, Egypt is The best country in Squash for the past decade, for the past 4 years, the champions from the male and the female competitions are always Egyptians.

Al-Shorbagui explained why Egypt has become so dominant in squash. “I think because we always had someone to look up to. We had Abdel-Fattah Abou Taleb, then Gamal Awad, Ahmed Barada and the maestro Amr Shabana.”

“I remember when I used to go to Cairo to train as a junior. I used to see stars like Shabana and Karim Darwish training and wanted to be like them. The old generation passes off the mission to the young generation to go in the same direction and continue what the old generation has already achieved. As players, it is a big responsibility put on our shoulders to remain on the top and preserve the same level in Egypt. This goes side by side with close attention from the government, the Egyptian Squash Federation, and the mass media. These will have positive effects on the coming generation.”

An Interview with Al-Shorbagui back in 2015 with Al-Ahram.


Raneem El Welily, Women’s Squash Player Champion of 2015

From Karim Abdel Gawad to Nour El Sherbini, they’re not the only best Egyptian Squash players in the world. Or as to some people who’ve heard their name over some mumble in the streets, it has to happen that there’s more.

In the Men’s PSA rankings, Egypt dominates 60% of the top 10!

In the Women’s PSA Rankings, Egypt dominates only 30% of the top 10 this year.


Apparently, we’re the nation of Squash!
We Should appreciate these people, we should give attention to them, they playholding the name of our homeland, not as for some, for money.