Food Job, The Native Americans Are Here – Review

For ages, food making has been one of the most important professions everywhere, but few are those who understood this and made a good job out of making food or in other words, few are those who have understood their Food Job. Food Job, a newly opened restaurant located in the 5th settlement and Metropolitan school, invited us to come visit them and give the place a try and we would never turn down an invitation to try some food and we’re glad we didn’t. Here’s how our full experience with Food Job was like.

First you need to get there. The restaurant is located in Katameya Plaza compound which is not on the main road so unless you already know your way, using the GPS might come in handy. Once we got inside, we instantly got the Native American vibe from all the pictures and quotes on the walls. The decoration was really nice and definitely added a special taste to the food.

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Now to the most important part, the food itself. We had already known about some of their specials like the Pesto Chicken, the Rocket Salad and the Pizza Burger, but the most special of them all are the tacos, whether it’s the Chicken Taco, the Taco Roll or even the Taco Falafel for those who wish to have a Mexican-Middle Eastern exquisite breakfast.

We wished we could try the whole menu, but we decided to just stick with the Pizza Burger and the Chicken Taco for the time and let’s start with the pizza burger. The food came after about 25-30 minutes so I would say that was really good considering that all of the food is actually homemade! The burger and the pizza stuffing were both really nice and the harmony between them was amazing. The only problem with it is that you’ll have to get messy to be able to eat it, so if you’re a neat person who doesn’t want to get their hands dirty, the Pizza Burger is not for you at all, but you have to know that you’re missing a lot. The burger came with a small bucket of fries which was really amazing and I have to say that they really knew their job making those fries.

Now to the second part which was really my favorite, the taco! This taco was different from any other taco I ever tried in my life. It was crunchy from the outside but really soft and tinder from the inside. I’m not a fan of sweet corn but for some reason it tasted really awesome here and not to mention the cheese. I don’t know what was so special about it but it took the taco to a whole new level and made every bit feel amazing. The first bite I took when the chicken, cheese and sweet corn filled my mouth, I instantly understood why tacos were their special dish. “Chapeau Youssef El Sherif”

Sizes and prices are both pretty moderate at Food Job, so a normal person would probably have about 1 to one and a half items from their menu, but a hungry foodie would probably need more to feel satisfied. Good thing that you won’t need to sell your kidney in order to eat there as the prices are really acceptable comparing to other restaurants.

For conclusion and for those who were too lazy to read the whole article and just skipped to the end. Clean, tasty, wonderful and affordable. Those four words should sum up the main idea.

Here’s a glimpse of their menu:

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Food Job, you really did a good job making your food.