7 fashion items that you can borrow from your mother’s closet

When we were young, you could always find us playing with our mum’s clothes or make up and trying them on. Looking back at your mother or even your grandmother’s oldest photographs, you will always find them looking very classy and fashionable!

Well, we’re lucky that some of the 80’s and 90’s fashion items are coming back this season, and what better place than your momma’s closet to shop for new -and free- items?


1— Pleated Skirts:

One of the most iconic fashion items that you can find it in your mother’s closet is this pleated skirt which your mum once rocked wearing. This fashion item can be worn in a day time outfit or in a formal outfit for a special evening event.


2—Flared Pants:

Flared pants are very trendy right now that you can easily borrow from your mum that comes in different colors, patterns and material.


3—Mom Jeans:

You can definitely rock an outfit that includes high waist or Mom jeans.



A colorful scarf is a simple item that can definitely change an outfit and you can find plenty of patterned colorful scarves in your mum’s closet especially the silky scarves.


5—Delicate Watch:

When it comes to accessories you can raid plenty of item from your mum especially those delicate chic watches that will give a beautiful vintage touch to your outfit.


6—Pearl Necklaces:

The pearl necklace can never get old which will add a value and a vintage touch to your look.


7—Denim Dungarees:

Yes, denim dungarees are something you can find in your mum’s closet and you can definitely steal.


Mums are our idols and whenever we need a fashion advice, they are the first ones we ran to.