The Maze Runner – Book Review

The Maze Runner is a dystopian science fiction novel written by James Dashner. It focuses around Thomas who finds himself in a glade surrounded by a huge unsolvable maze with other teenagers. All of them, including Thomas, had their memories erased. The first boy to arrive has been there for 2 years and every month a new boy comes through an elevator. The arrival of Thomas left a few of the boys disturbed. He acted differently and some boys suspected that they had seen him before. However, as Thomas continues to learn about the place, things start to change.

If I would give this book a score from 0 to 10 I would give it a 6. The overall feeling I got after finishing the book was good but not great.

First, the idea of the novel is mind bowling. The fact that the teenagers are left alone with no clue whatsoever what life is like out of the maze is crazy. They continued to strive nevertheless. The plot is also immensely gripping. It is very well-written and all the information revealed was in the right pace.

However, most of the characters are not well developed. When Thomas arrived at the glade, he was so confused and frustrated. He kept asking questions about what was going on but the boys would just shush him or say things like  “not now” or “just shut up and you will know” to the point where it got annoying. I suppose at least one of them could have been nice enough to tell him? The characters did not seem to have personalities, really. They were christened with adjectives about their physical appeal more than with their identity.

Another problem with this novel is the ending. It would have been a great ending if the boys were left with some clues to help them solve the maze. The reader would have actually felt involved in the process instead of just reading about Thomas remembering about his life before he arrived to this place.

All in all, I realize that this book may be more action-oriented than mystery-oriented so the whole idea of the maze seemed out of place. If the boys were just plainly stuck in the glade and had to fight off the ‘grievers’,  I think it would have made more sense.