Miss Egypt Contestant Aya Ashraf Withdraws From Contest

Miss World Egypt contestant Aya Ashraf just announced through her Facebook account that she decided to withdraw from the contest. Saying that it has always been a dream to her, but it’s definitely against her principles to be a part of something that defines beauty by looks, instead of inside beauty.

The gorgeous lady posted two different pictures of herself, one is photo-shopped and the other isn’t, showing the difference and how they want her to look. She also added that she has been asked to lose weight, even though she’s healthy. As a result, Ashraf made it clear that this was unbearable and unacceptable to her.

“I can’t tell my little sister to accept her flaws and love herself when I have my face and whole body photo-shopped. I’m beautiful this way, and nobody in the world needs to rate their beauty. I announce my objection to this kind of emotionally painful contests.”


Let’s just hope that every girl understands that there’s no such a thing as beauty standards. Way to go, Aya! You are incredibly beautiful, in every way possible!


An Update on Miss Egypt Contest:

Another Facebook post just went viral apparently from inside the contest clarifying the whole situation from the other side:


Saying that these standards are worldwide ones as Egypt is one contestant in Miss World contest and thus conforming to them is the only option.

Besides, the post mentions that the contest only demanded Miss Aya Ashraf to lose 7 kilos and not 30 ,on the contrary of what the latter claims, stating that the only reason for this was because the dresses must be designed according to the contest’s standards which again are worldwide.


However the post also mentions that the contestant was already dismissed before she posted that she’s withdrawn. They say they were secretive and considerate about it that they texted her privately.

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Last but not the least, concerning the photo-shopped pictures, the post has made it clear that contestants have three photoshoots; one of which must be professional while the other two are natural just the way they look.

Some questions remain unanswered and unclear but we have brought you the stories from both sides and we will keep you updated.