The First EXPO for Abroad Studies and Career Development Is Happening This Month and We’re Excited for It!

EXPO 2017, a one stop event for the education and career industries, which is scheduled to happen at Renaissance Cairo Mirage City Hotel, will be launched on the 30th of September.

The event, organized by Fast Forward and Education Basket Egypt, will provide a platform for the industries to interact with students, graduates and several entrepreneurs and job seekers. The event is expected to see a footfall of hundreds of people and numerous universities and companies coming from different parts of the world.

The EXPO also enables participants to showcase the best educational opportunities they have to offer, including student loans and scholarships, and exchange ideas in the business of career building.

Worth noting that there were many exhibitions and conventions related to many different industries were held in Egypt, but none related to that particular industry.

The event will take place at the end of the month as previously mentioned and no attending registration or fees are required as it is only free for early registration , but starting Sunday 17th of September it’ll be priced at 100EGP.



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