Book Review: Confess by Colleen Hoover


You know that book that has been on your shelf for months but didn’t have enough free time to start reading it, but then you start reading it and wonder why you never read it before? If you’ve came by any book written by Colleen Hoover, then you obviously know how her words take you to another world. If you haven’t, I totally recommend you should give this talented woman a try!

This review is spoiler free!

The book takes you to the 21 year-old Auburn Reed’s shattered life, who is struggling to rebuild her life and make her ends meet. But when she walks into an art studio looking for a job, she unexpectedly becomes deeply attracted to the artist, Owen Gentry, and all the deep and dark confessions written all over the walls of his studio. Later on, she finds out that Owen’s past and huge secret are threatening to destroy everything Auburn loves most, and to have it, she needs to cut him out of his life.

Colleen Hoover’s writing style makes you get spontaneously and ultimately attached to the characters, you find yourself up till five in the morning because you can’t put the book down. The opening chapter of the book was the perfect start for me to get emotionally attached to Auburn, and I found myself feeling to what she’s been through.

The story isn’t a cheesy romantic story. Well, it has romance, but not only this. The story is about survival, unconditional love, fate, sacrifice, and confessions. The book is a dream to every art lover, and how pain can incredibly be turned into art.

This book is a must-read and I highly recommend it!


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