Amr Salama’s Sheikh Jackson gets selected to be nominated for The Oscars.

The Theatrical Profession Syndicate selects the highly new and awaited movie of Amr Salama “Sheikh Jackson” to be nominated for The Oscars.

Salama received the news of the selection at the Toronto International Film Festival, where the movie is supposed to have its international Premiere.

elsheikh jackson 2

The majority of the committee members selected “El-Sheikh Jackson” with 11 votes, while other movies like “Mawlana” got 5 votes and “El-Aslyeen” got two votes.

Sheikh Jackson, starring  Ahmed El-Fishawy and Ahmed Malek, Maged El-Kedwany, Basma, Amina Khalil, Mahmoud El-Bezawy and more, tells the story of an Islamic preacher with a secret obsession of the King of Pop Michael Jackson. The movie is highly predicted to be a game-changer in Salama’s short but important career.



The before mentioned director/writer is highly recognized for movies like “Zay El Naharda” in 2008, “Asmaa” in 2011 and “La mo2akhza” in 2013. He used the hashtag #ItsAllHappening since the shooting of Sheikh Jackson, which is hugely inspiring to every filmmaker who has a dream.

And after all that, we wish good luck for Amr Salama who is making the country proud!