Theory: You Keep Defending Summer Fin Till You Get Tommed

I start my article by our one and only true goddess Zoey Deschanel’s famous quote in the movie 500 days of Summer: “Relationships are messy”

And so, in the light of that,

sometimes it happens that you’re Summer Fin and your Tom’s willing to give you his whole world, you unconsciously make your distance because you’re afraid you don’t like them as much as they do. You’re not willing to taint your playlist with their songs. You notice how they pull tighter in a hug but you don’t play with their hair and you pull away first out of feeling bad. You try to hold their hands but they catch it so quickly and you don’t tickle their palms. They start catching on your language and it scares you. It scares you how far they’re willing to go for you. You might start being cold because you have no clue how to suffice them when literally all they might want is the slightest sign of love but you’re even incapable of giving them that.

Then poor you gets Tommed.



You know how the saying goes that in order to keep them you have to leave them always wanting more? Well here’s the problem: Sometimes you’re literally willing to bring them your whole world and you don’t really see the point of not hugging them without the colours of your skins mixing because you know, pulling tighter in a hug and more leaning for a kiss is a sort of clinginess. So, you end up pulling away first in a hug and sitting across the table only stealing glances instead of drunk staring at them. You end up wanting more, always torn apart between keeping this table distance and ripping  their t-shirts off.

See, you may have never liked flowers, but when they gave you one, you wholeheartedly took care of it pretending it’s not gonna die few days later ignoring the metaphor of its short life.

You may have always kept your playlist safe almost holy, untouched. But you thought it’s okay to pick up on their music taste, I mean what harm could a few new songs do? Then the few new songs turned into a whole playlist and you think you’re ditching your own playlist for theirs.

And you’ve always digged stable and rational relationships but you settled for the fucked up temporary thing you had because if they are Summer Fin, you’d always gladly, willingly agree to be their Tom no matter how heartbreakingly unfair it is and you get to get a taste of how your Tom once felt.

Finally, I remind you dear brothers and sisters that we’re all doomed to heartbreaks and that