What’s It Like To Be The Third-Wheel.

Did someone wince? Yes, thank you. Being a third-wheel is one of life’s ways to mock your existence. Being the singlethe only single – dude/girl in your friends’ circle sucks. There are more than few things that a third-wheel struggles through:

  • The conversation flowing around will always circle back to your ‘love life’. Or rather, the lack of it.


  • There’s always a special nickname for you. It’s not necessarily something bad, but well, it’s a nickname you wish your significant one gave you.


  • You’re up for a time with your BFF…until you’re not. He/she will bring their honey boo and you’ll never be anything but the damn third-wheel.



  • Your friends always, always try to set you up. This one and that. It’s a roller coaster of suffering. And none of them is good enough.



  • Your phone is your true BFF when going out with couples. Memes is your salvation, even as they remind you how lonely you are.



  • If you and your friends are walking in the street, it’s likely you’re that awkward, lost puppy trailing behind them on heavy feet.



  • There’s a party? Forget being the third-wheel; you’ll likely become the thirteenth-wheel, depending on the number of couples.



But it’s satisfying for the wounded egos of third wheels to mention the perks of being one. So here are some things that make it a lot better than you think:


  • Your friends will spoil you. You’re the single guy/girl and they remember what it was like being you.

fashion victim little princess girl humor portrait crown and hearth shape glasses

  • More food for you. Honestly, that’s one hell of an advantage. They’re over there, sharing a large pizza and you’re devouring it on your own. Bless.



  • You develop better opinions and insights on all the relationship crap. In better words, your love life will be ten times better. It’s the bullshit-meter that will keep fuckboys/gold-diggers from hurting you.

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  • No painful times spent figuring out what to get for monthversaries, anniversaries or even birthdays. You, my friend, will have more money than anyone in your circle.



  • More TV shows and movies to fit through your time. After all, who’s going to demand all of your attention? That’s right, no one.



So cheer up, third-wheelers, your life has as many pros as the cons. And hey, you’re not really a third-wheel; you’re a majestic unicycle and they are your noble training wheels.