The Three Travelers are touring every inch of Egypt in only 50 Days!

Recently we’ve heard a lot about those influencers or travel-holics travelling the world and documenting it online. But to hear about three random folks under the name ‘the three travelers’ traveling all around Egypt with no sponsors and just out of fun, well that’s new.

Nour Eldin Bassem and Abo Bakr Mohamed Abdel Fattah are fresh college graduates who decided to dedicate the fifty days they had before joining the military forces doing something they love. That’s when their third pair, Mohamed Kamal ElMaghoury, came up with this crazy idea to tour every country in Egypt.

It was just a random idea but later on they were tempted to do it to show every Egyptian out there what this country has to offer us from beauty that is not visible on the social media or television. The three travelers focused more on the unknown places that need to be advertised for.

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But it’s not all fun and games while they’re touring. And even with sticking to a strict money plan things can go wrong, mentioning the fact that one day they were out of money with no ATM machine around. This is probably everybody’s worst nightmare, isn’t it?

Regardless all the downs they weren’t stopped from the continuous tour, making a schedule for one country per day, sometimes even two to make it back to Alexandria on time.

According to the words of the three travelers, they’ve been welcomed many times at the houses of local citizens who were amazed and inspired by their idea, which shows that Egyptians are naturally true supporters of anyone who tries to highlight the beauty of our Egypt.

They normally document their adventures on Social Media platforms, you can check out their Instagram account here and their Facebook page here.