Making Your Life Worth It Before You Kick The Bucket

Almost every single one of us knows what a bucket list is, but who actually has made one from themselves? People tend to either ignore the whole thing, or just have some stuff in their mind that they never write down. So, below are the main reasons to why you should write down your bucket list.

Writing makes your list bigger

I noticed that people who had the things they wanted to do before they die just in their minds and never wrote them down, actually want a lot more from life than they thought they did. When they were asked to write the things they wanted down, they kept on rolling with stuff and didn’t seem to want to shut up. If you would ask them before writing the list, they would probably tell you two to three things, but after writing it the list could extend to pages.

Visual reminders

You may have it all figured out, you wanna go skydiving, you wanna travel the world and you want to get a motorcycle, but do you take any steps in doing any of those things? We are forgetful creatures by nature and we always need to keep reminded by the things we want to keep motivated. Write the list down and keep it somewhere where you can always see it to be reminded by the next thing you want to do and tick it off once it’s done.

Go big

You always wanted to go around the world, get a Lamborghini and get a VIP ticket to Beyonce’s concert but unfortunately you can’t even afford McDonald’s right now (I feel you my friend). Then write those things you want and make them a priority in your life. It’ll give you motivation to work harder to be able to afford those things, and it’ll feel really exceptional when you are finally able to do the things you’ve been wanting your whole life (although a Lamborghini doesn’t really need a bucket list to make anyone feel exceptional).

Share ideas and find list partners

“You want to swimming with a shark? So do I! Let’s do it together”. That was a simple example of how a list partner, a new friend or maybe even a life partner could be made. List partners are people who share a goal with you. The goal could be as simple as going to a Mexican restaurant nearby to try a taco, or as big as skydiving from the top of Burj Khalifa. A list partner could actually help you a lot in fulfilling your dreams and ticking off more stuff from your list. You could even inspire each other with more ideas and do the things you always wanted together.

Discover the new and face your fears

You never even knew there was a thing called a wingsuit until you did your first jump from a plane but you instantly knew you wanted to do that. You always had an irrational and unexplainable fear from spiders and you wanted to get rid of that fear. It would actually help here if you had a list partner as mentioned above, but even without one, you want to finish that list in any way possible and that includes holding a spider. It is stuff like this that make a bucket list special.

Bucket lists come in all shapes and sizes. Some people even have a public list and a secret list for all the goals and dreams they want to keep for themselves. Some have a list for summer and a list for winter or a list for every year. It doesn’t really matter how you choose to make your list, what’s important is that you add a meaning to your life and make it feel special to you. Make a combination between the simple and the big tasks you have and make some deadlines to have a sense of commitment for finishing them and in the end remember, you only live once.

Start by writing down your lists now and share your thoughts with us about what special dreams you have.