Before The Storm Causes A Hell Of A Storm.

Reality cannot be comprehended without an adequate coping mechanism. That’s the birth of every escapism we adapt to, until they no longer seem like a withdrawal, but a necessity. To me, escapisms are sub realities that coexist with our actual reality. And what qualifies as a sub reality better than video games and music? So listen up all of you video game fanatics and Daughter’s fans, I’ve got some great news for you.

In 2015, a game called ‘Life is Strange’ stole the hearts of every player out there with its animation and plot twists, it’s an episodic game that consists of 5 episodes, each released periodically throughout the year. The game’s story is about a photography student who discovers that she possesses the ability to rewind time. But it’s not just the rewind mechanism that managed to capture us by heart, it’s the brash tackling of taboo subjects and the phenomenal character development. After the success of the first game and over 7 million copies being sold, the release of the prequel ‘Before The Storm’ is finally knocking on our doors. But that’s not it, the soundtrack for the game was composed entirely by Daughter.

Yes, you heard it: Daughter has a new album out and it’s absolutely bloody beautiful.

The first episode of ‘Before The Storm’ was released on 31 August 2017. But Daughter’s album ‘Music From Before The Storm’ came out earlier this month. The soundtrack’s mostly instrumental, but still has the band’s infamous it’s-so-beautiful-but-it-makes-your-heart-break touch. If I had to describe this album in one word, I’d call it bittersweet.

Listen to the full album here.