10 Things That Every Stationery Addict Wishes You Would Understand

People are addicted to different kinds of things; some are addicted to their phones, TV shows, gyms, food, and this list could go on forever. Out of all the things we get addicted to, the world still find it hard to accept stationery addicts. I don’t even know why my friends hate it when I spend a couple of minutes -or hours- comparing two shades of pink pens and end up buying both, or when I buy that beautiful notebook only to add it to the drawer of notebooks I never use! As silly as it might sound to you, but these things satisfy a large sector of people, which is why you need to understand this!

  • Our pens are precious, even the basic blue ones are. You need to know that before you ask to borrow one.


  • Please don’t go around asking about the amount of money we spend on stationery, it’s boring.

giphy (7)

  • Handwriting is important to us, I don’t really care how long it takes and the amount of papers I throw till I get one that looks neat and colorful; at least something about our miserable academic/professional lives is.


  • There’s good paper and there’s cheap paper, and we don’t even have to touch it to know which one is the good one.


  • No matter how old we are, pencil cases are important and finding the right one is really hard.


  • Highlighters, To-Do lists, sticky notes and all those things are essential. You just don’t get it.


  • Unlike you, something about going back to school or work makes us feel a bit excited, THAT’S AN EXCUSE FOR MORE STATIONERY SHOPPING.


  • And you need to know that there’s no such thing as ‘enough stationery’.


  • Nothing’s compared to your happiness when someone buys you stationery as a gift. 


  • We consider ourselves blessed when we share our addiction with a friend or two.