“Too Far” Breaks the Internet and Our Hearts in No Time

Actor and director Ashraf Hamdi just dropped the latest episode of his famous series “a voice note” and it’s the most beautiful thing we’ve seen in a while!

Written and narrated by Ashraf Hamdi and Karima Mostafa, Vn 11 tells a story of a girl on her wedding day, reaching out to her bestfriend with mixed emotions of excitement, anticipation and fear, only to find that he’s not there. Telling her his feelings when it’s too late, speaking of how afraid he was to love her out of fear of losing her which somehow leads him to losing her, or at least that’s what we think the ending was.

Actors Sohaila Kandil and Youssef Alimam also mastered their parts. You can see all the mixed emotions of happiness and pain on their faces and it goes perfectly with the narration. Even the shots of the kids were on point, the feeling of nostalgia I personally got from these ones is indescribable.

On his Facebook page, Ashraf himself showed pride of this one specifically and the whole series of “A Voice Note” generally.


A Voice Note is a series of short videos telling different stories of various people through simple voice notes. Eleven episodes have been released so far, and each one of them has affected us one way or another.

Find “A Voice Note” on Facebook here and read our interview with Ashraf Hamdi where he revealed a lot more about this project and many other ones through this link.