Maadi Has The Best Food in town and We’ve Got Proof

From Chinese to Pizza and Burgers, Maadi is simply the best in all. I’m not a Maadi resident, but whenever I ask people for new restaurants to try, Maadi is always the answer. Seriously, what’s up with the district? It’s like they’ve got a catering deal for life from heaven! And because the options are countless we decided to help you out, listed below some of the best restaurants in Maadi that you must try.
Fat Cow
We don’t really know if the name of the place came because they use fat cows or is it a figure of speech because they know that nobody can resist their food! One of the best burgers to ever try in Cairo happens to be perfectly set there. You can also customize your own burger by answering some MCQs  on what do add and what to exclude. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?
People just love this one. Not only for being a great spot for an English Breakfast and everybody knows that breakfast can make or break your day, but it also joins the Best Burger in Town Club.
We totally recommend The Western BBQ bacon burger!
Joy Luck
Photo credits: Cairo Local Guides
Photo credits: Cairo Local Guides
Lies in the heart of Chinatown in Maadi. In Cairo we have several Chinatowns; Abbasseya, Maadi and Nasr City. And it’s no surprise that Maadi owns the most delicious chinese food as well. Better not miss the Sweet and Sour there!
Vinny’s Pizzeria
We’ve all heard about this Pizza in a shape of a cake.. superfluous? Absolutely not! It’s the never-ending pizza, you buy one for 2 and still won’t be able to finish
This one is for the sushi lovers! You can’t call yourself a one if you’ve never been to this place. They also offer All You Can Eat offer that will satisfy every sushi lover out there, and grilled steaks, burgers, and a lot more for your non-sushi lover friends. Best of both world?
Brew and Chew
Photo credit: @muhammedhazem
Photo credit: @muhammedhazem
Better not leave a restaurant without adding some sweet taste to your lips. Alexandria’s famous dessert specialist offers the best mouthwatering chocolate cakes in Maadi as well. Ps: this is not a place for a date, you may not realize the chocolate all over your mouth and that’s a major turn off..
The White Owl
 One of the newest places to land in Maadi, The White Owl has come to serve everyone’s ultimate favorite comfort food, AKA pasta. And even though this one is relatively new, people swear by everything there starting from the fresh food to the atmosphere and the decor. Make sure to do yourself a favour and give it a try!
We as Egyptians tend to search for our tummies comfort first, before we decide where and what should we do for fun. And at the end of the day our “fun” concept would still end at chilling at a cafe, this is literally what we do best, chill. So if we’ll do this, better do it right!