Netflix MENA Created a Rehab for TV Junkies and It’s Just Too Good!

Earlier this month, with the help of MO4 Network and Kijami, Netflix MENA launched an amazing campaign for the new season of the famous TV series Narcos.

Using two short movies that make up one big story, they created a rehab for those who are addicted to Netflix -which is like half the population of planet earth-. Well, thanks to the Multiverse theory, we’re not in that universe.

From Left to the Right: Francis Underwood (House of Cards) – Matt Murdock (Daredevil) – Piper Chapman (Orange is the new black) – Pablo Escobar (Narcos) – Bojack (Bojack Horseman).

Created by Timmy Mowafi and directed by Mark Hanna, the campaign showed cosplays of some of the coolest characters from Netflix shows. They shed more light on the story of Ehab who thinks that he’s Pablo Escobar, the colombian drug lord and narcoterrorist, who tries to find a loophole with the help of his friend Lamoona to sneak any electronic device and watch their favorite series.

Well, this is surly different from any other campaign we’ve seen in a while, but what else would you expect from MO4 and Kijami? The synergy between the crew of this campaign has been very obvious on screen, it’s basically why the outcome came out as good as that. We expect -and actually hope- to see their version of this for every Netflix series out there.

Tell us what you think of this campaign and which characters do you wish to see next in the comments section below.