Why the World Believe Muslims Are Terrorists

The term Islamophobia has been used a lot throughout the years. Every time a new terrorist attack happens, all eyes go to Muslims and countries with the majority of the population being Muslims. Whenever the phrase “Allahu Akbar” is heard, everyone expects to be blown away and let’s just not talk about Muslims and airports. The question right here is, why does the world fear Muslims that much? And is it really Muslims that the world fears, or is it just a part of a really big misunderstanding and the world actually has completely different fears without even knowing so?

For starters and to show my point let me first show you this:

The video is a part of a show called The Democracy Handbook presented by Bassem Youssef. In that clip, Bassem sits with a number of people from various religious backgrounds and they all have 2 things in common: they’re brown people with middle-eastern looks, and they were all confused for being Muslims. This actually raises a very important thought, who are Muslims to the non-Muslim world? Has being a Muslim become subconsciously in the minds of the world, a skin colour and a certain physical look rather than a religion? That clip made it clear that people can still fear or hate you because you’re a Muslim, even if you’re actually not, you just look like one. But why do people hate Muslims in the first place?

Let’s start with the obvious reason and the word that is unfortunately now associated with the word “Muslims”, Islamic terrorism. Whenever a terrorist attack happens anywhere and an Islamic terrorist group announces their responsibility, the first thing you’ll always find is a fight on social media websites between people saying that all Muslims are terrorists and people saying that those terrorists do not represent Muslims and have nothing to do with Islam. Muslims and people who support them see it that way, but how do people who don’t support Muslims see it?

The most recognizable countries in the world for being inhibited by Muslims are Arab countries, India, Iran and Afghanistan; notice something here? None of those countries are developed countries and almost all of them are corrupt ruined. As a result three major issues appear clearly in those countries; poverty, hunger and lack of education. Therefore, a state of barbarism, ignorance and violence takes over people living there, and not to mention of course what the wrong interpretation of religion can add here. Those Muslims may say – and may even believe – that they are much better than those terrorists and that they would never do or even think of anything so barbaric, but I bet my life there is not a person living in one of the Muslim communities mentioned above who hasn’t heard a Muslim express his/her happiness and satisfaction whenever a terrorist attack ever happened. People feeling good when a church is bombed or saying that the ambassador who got shot live on TV deserved it. Maybe they’re not really terrorists but they’re the closest it can get to it.

Another thing the world sees when they look at those Muslim communities; they have some laws, customs and beliefs that violate both human rights and human sense. From women suppression to animal abuse to religious fights that can end up with blood. If you live in one of those countries and think this is bad, you have no idea how people view these stuff from the outside. Thing is, those things don’t happen because of religion – it’s a helping factor but not the main reason – but because of the corruption in those countries and the lack of proper education which leads to people ending up like this. So that means the world doesn’t really hate Muslims, they hate their communities in general! They will hate someone who isn’t a Muslim but is related to their community in any way possible without even knowing so, because as far as their conscious minds know, they only hate Muslims.

Of course we are not generalizing because not everyone has that hate for Muslims and their communities, and also there are a lot of other variables that need to be taken into consideration, like what media feeds people, the general spirit regarding the topic, hate to religions in general and the lack of proper communication between the Muslim community and the world. It would take books not an article, and a lot of research to reach the perfect full theory behind it and to collect all the psychological facts and put them all together, this is just a very brief and simplified version of it.

Conclusion is, people from the outside don’t really see it as people from the inside, and maybe the world’s thought and view is not complete. A lot needs to change in both the Muslim community and the rest of the globe.