5 Basics To Keep Your Facebook Account Protected! 

As the internet grows wider, so does its dark side. No, we’re not talking about the deep web. We’re talking about the everyday problem of someone contacting you through Facebook, luring you into clicking on some external link and stealing your account.

We honestly don’t understand how some people get that much of time on their hands to perform such low acts, but what we do know is how to help you realise this issue and protect your privacy. So here are some easy steps:

1. Don’t Open External Links

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You have to read the link that someone sent you multiple times, if it looks suspicious then definitely do NOT open it. Some might alter a known link, i.e.: faecbook.com. Also, if the context of the message seems suspicious don’t click the link. It’s always a trap. Even if it’s a friend of yours, your friend might have been hacked.

2. Don’t Log In Again on Facebook

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If it happened and you did open an external link, then watch out. If it requires you to Log In on a page that looks like Facebook, close the webpage. It’s definitely a trap!

3. Add Your Phone Number

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So Facebook has this feature that most people ignore, which is adding your phone number to your account. You can still hide it from other users, and only you can view it. It’s necessary to add it.

Go to Menu > Account Settings > General > Add Phone Number

4. Turn On Notifications


Get notifications on your Facebook account, email, or phone number for when your account is logged on from an unrecognizable device.
To do this go to Menu > Account Settings > Security and Log In > Get alerts about unrecognized logins > Turn it on

This will alert you immediately and you can review the log in process if it’s not you, then it helps you change your password for protection and log out of all devices your account was logged on.

5. Assign Trusted Contacts 

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For when you’re locked out of your account, you have to assign trusted contacts to help you log back in and regain the access on your account. Go to Menu > Account Settings > Security and Login > Choose 3 to 5 Friends to contact if you get locked out

Use extra security settings, look at what you download and what links you click, and be smarter than those lifeless hackers.


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